Hilo Aluminium strives to be part of the process from initial planning and architectural discussions to ensure the selection of the most suitable window or door from the wide variety of types and styles for your renovation, house or building project.


We know from vast experience that customer satisfaction is a function of several ingredients and therefore ensure that we deliver on these key success factors:


1. Product suitability and quality.

2. Continuous involvement with owner / architect and builder.

3. Excellence in installation.


Our attention to detail and the emphasis we place on the personal touch sets us apart. Your aluminium requirements are important to us. To ensure that we understand your needs and deliver an outcome that  you are satisfied with, we take everything step by step:


1. Understanding your requirements.

2. We table our quote for your approval.

3. We arrange a site meeting to evaluate all further requirements and variations.

4. Where appropriate, we offer technical advice regarding waterproofing, datum lines, breakouts, etc.

5. Verification of all designs

6. Confirmation of your Project Timelines

7. Final measurements when openings are ready

8  Manufacturing process starts

9. Breakout, installation & servicing

10. Final handover

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